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Exberliner 186

Image of Exberliner 186


Berlin has a close-knit Korean community little known to outsiders – a K-town of sorts with its pastors, doctors, hairdressers and lawyers. We explore the Korean diaspora, meet the nurses who came here in the 1970s, the successful German-Korean second generation and the entrepreneurial newcomers. If you want to try the K-lifestyle yourself, we tip you off on where to get the best K-food and beauty and chat to German Kpop fans. Also in this issue: the best female-led concerts, pottery exhibitions, post-migrant theatre productions, porn and much more!

FROM GASTARBEITER TO EXPATS – What's bringing Koreans to the German Hauptstadt?

KAPITAL KOREANS – Meet a jet setting cellist, kimchi royalty, a religious leader and more

GET THE K-LIFESTYLE – Where to find the fashion, films and face washes

BEYOND BIBIMBAP – Our guide to Korean dining in Berlin

S-BAHN FROM PYONGYANG – How North Korean students escaped to West Berlin

K-POP ACADEMY – Hanging out with German BTS fans

Also in this issue...

BEST OF BERLIN – A funturistic museum, a coffee app and DIY deo

ALTERNATIVE SWEETENERS – Female-led October gigs you shouldn't miss

GORKI'S HERBSTSALON – Six productions to look out for

BERLIN'S POTHEADS – Four ceramics exhibitions to check out this month

RELIABLY SEXY – What to see at this year's PornFilmFestival

SAVE BERLIN – How Ausländer are saving local churches

…And much, much more!