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EXBERLINER Issue 109, October 2012

Image of EXBERLINER Issue 109, October 2012


In this issue we share with you:

IT’S A WIKILIFE When the business-savvy feminist met the rebellious nerd. Swoon in a conversation with Germany’s net-activist dream couple Anke and Daniel Domscheit-Berg.

OPEN SOURCE CITY We found 13 impressive and ambitious open source projects that range from dodging dastardly BVG ticket inspectors to spreading free wi-fi love across the entire city. You can also learn how to brew a combination of a Berliner’s two favourite things: Beer and Club Mate.

REVENGE OF THE NERDS We take a look at the Pirate Party’s year in parliament after they seized an astounding 8.9% of the vote. Have they achieved all they set out to?

GEMA OVER? It’s easy to forget this 1903 organisation was established to protect musicians but in today’s electronic environment it often feels more like GEMA is pressing mute on music by charging our clubs extortionate fees and that irritating red face that assaults our Youtube feed.

Also in this issue:

“HOPE IS IRRANTIONAL” US presidential elections are looming and the 2008 Obama ‘Hope’ campaign seems to have lost its sheen. But if the alternative is the multi-millionaire Mormon, Mit Romney, should our American expats really abstain from ballot boxes?

ALEC EMPIRE Twenty years on, the iconic Berliner and member of Atari Teen Riot talks about how he was deemed a threat to society and what it means to use music for activism.

A BUNKER OF ONE’S OWN Christian and Karen Boros drew 120,000 visitors to a bunker in Mitte where they set up camp to exhibit their extensive contemporary art collection. Karen Boros explains how it all came to be and how Ai Weiwei’s Tree managed to squeeze on in. Just.