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EXBERLINER Issue 111, December 2012

Image of EXBERLINER Issue 111, December 2012


Inside our December 2012 "Apocalypse Issue" you’ll find:

APOCALYPSE HOW? Whether by zombie takeover, Mayan curse, or cyber war, Earth is definitely doomed. What’s the risk level for Berlin? Our apocalypse scenario experts weigh in.

BE PREPARED Get disaster-ready now, with an overview of city plans, a look at Berlin’s hidden bunkers, and wild mushroom foraging for beginners.

BERLIN’S APOCALYPTIC PAST Berlin’s had plenty of previous brushes with doom – four historians explain how close the city has come to total annihilation.

APOCALYPSE SURVIVAL KIT Forget knick-knacks and sweets – this year, show your loved ones you really care with holiday gifts that double as survival gear. If we make it to Christmas.

THE IMPORTANCE OF BEE-ING Honeybees in Berlin and around the world are dying off. What’s causing it, and how long can we survive without them?

THE SPY WHO SAVED THE WORLD In 1983 the world stood on the brink of nuclear war. We talk to Ranier Rupp, the elusive ex-Stasi spy who may have prevented it.

Also in this issue:

THE OTHER HOLOCAUST VICTIMS Leading Romani intellectual Ian Hancock and artist Dani Karavan discuss the controversy surrounding Berlin’s new Roma and Sinti memorial.

BREWING GENTRIFICATION A look back at Prenzlauer Berg’s once-underground cultural institution, the Kulturbrauerei.

And more:

JAMES MURPHY A chat with the dance rock pioneer and LCD Soundsystem mastermind.

TUE GREENFORT The Danish Gasag Prize Recipient discusses how gas, glass, and Knut play into his new exhibition at the Berlinische Galerie.

A VERY EX-PAT CHRISTMAS You'll be happy you didn't head home for the holidays after getting stuffed at one of our Christmas dinner picks.

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