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EXBERLINER Issue 114, March 2013

Image of EXBERLINER Issue 114, March 2013


Inside you’ll find:

GAY MARRIAGE: It's now legal in England and France... when will Germany catch up?

DEPORTED CHILDREN: The German government is sending thousands of Roma refugees to the Kosovo slums – along with their German-born-and-raised children. Exclusive reportage and interviews.

TEACHERS ON STRIKE: Classroom crisis! Berlin's underpaid, overworked schoolteachers are taking to the streets.

BERGHAIN IN PARIS? From the Seine to Istanbul, everyone in Europe wants a slice of that Berlin party magic.

VOLUNTEERING IN BERLIN: Pet some kitties, dance with seniors and feed the homeless... but watch out for scams!

AN ISTANBULER'S FOOD ODDYSSEY: Veggie feasts, mouthwatering meatballs and shisha chic – Idil Mese goes beyond the döner.

ALICE LOWE AND STEVE ORAM: An interview with the writers and stars of Ben Wheatley's bloody good new comedy Sightseers.

JAMIE LIDELL: The British electro-wizard on getting back to his roots.

F.I.N.D. 2013: An interview with Italian dark prince Romeo Castellucci and more in-the-know info on the Schaubühne's Festival for International New Drama.

Plus all the latest in film, music, art, stage, events, fashion and much more!