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EXBERLINER Issue 116, May 2013

Image of EXBERLINER Issue 116, May 2013


THE STRAIGHT DOPE: Party pills in every club, dealers in stations and parks, the whiff of cannabis in the streets, injection rooms... Is Berlin too lax on drugs?

WHAT KIND OF DRUGGIE ARE YOU?: More tripper than junkie? Find out your Berlin user personality with our Berlin drug quiz

A DAY AT THE FIXERSTUBE: A look inside one of Berlin’s “safe” drug injection rooms

BERLIN DRUGS FROM THE INSIDE: A cop and a dealer tell us the truth about the drug scene

THE SACRED VINE THAT BLOWS YOUR MIND: The latest fad for hardcore hippies – Ayahuasca tripping with a Berlin shaman

TURBOBOOSTING MY BRAIN: Are ‘smart drugs’ all they’re cracked up to be?

Also in this issue:

“MY EXPLANATION IS THE WORK ITSELF”: German visual and sound artist Carsten Nicolai returns to Eigen + Art for the gallery’s 30-year anniversary

“FIRST I'M A DRUNKEN OLD PATHETIC MOTHER, THEN I'M LIKE A FUCK MONSTER”: We chat with Kate Strong, the British-born, Berlin-based dancer-turned-actress gets her mind in the gutter for Gerhart Hauptmann’s tragicomedy Die Ratten

BERLIN BITES: La Pecora Nera, Stolichnoe and five places for kumpir