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EXBERLINER Issue 120, October 2013

Image of EXBERLINER Issue 120, October 2013


In our October 2013 issue...

ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE SPECIAL: How effective are Berlin's most popular unconventional therapies, and how legit are the people practising them? We 'test-drove' everything from blood auto-transfusion to Gua Sha skin scraping, then found out what it takes to become a Heilpraktiker in Germany.

THE DOCTOR IS A SHAMAN: The placebo effect: not just in your head? A German specialist explains all.

SUCK THE PAIN AWAY: Out in Brandenburg, experience the teaches of leeches.

SALMAN RUSHDIE: "I must live until I die." An excerpt from the Satanic Verses and Joseph Anton author's talk at the Berlin Literature Festival in September.

BEST OF BERLIN: An alternative audio tour, a handmade craft shop with a difference, the rawest new vegetable juice on the block and a hands-on photography class.

BERLIN BITES: A Caribbean Creole restaurant with enough rum and spices to warm up your chilly autumn, a weekly veggie dinner in Wedding and hog heaven at Azafrán Gourmet

Also in this issue:

DANIEL BRÜHL: The Rush actor on playing – and flying to Brazil with – notorious racer Niki Lauda.

WIRE: Colin Newman and Graham Lewis tell all about Bruce Gilbert's departure prior to their gig at Postbahnhof on October 8.

AFTER YEAR ZERO: Co-curator Anselm Franke explores Africa's role in the post-WWII era in HKW's latest exhibition.

Plus all the latest in film, music, art, stage, events, fashion and much more!