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EXBERLINER Issue 121, November 2013

Image of EXBERLINER Issue 121, November 2013


In this issue:

- Verbatim: Interview with Monika Herrmann, new mayor of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, on refugees and rude expats

Special: Seeking asylum in Berlin
- No shelter here Chechens are fleeing to Germany – but how many will stay?
- From Russia with (gay) love Berlin’s first homosexual Russian refugee
- 16 At sea on O-platz: One Lampedusa refugee’s story
- A song for Syria Milo is not a Syrian refugee… but he might become one
- The real asylum scandal It’s not the neo-Nazis asylum seekers should be worrying about
- At home in the Heim A look inside a Moabit refugee centre
- Refugee rap Nuri rages against Germany’s asylum system
- School spirit Mimi keeps the Ohlauer Straße squatters together

Plus interviews with Francois Ozon, Felix Kubin, Shermin Langhoff and much much more...

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