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EXBERLINER Issue 127, May 2014


Inside this month's issue: In late 1976, David Bowie moved to West Berlin, immersing himself in the city's culture and creating three indelible albums. Thirty-five years later, on the heels of his Berlin-nostalgic 2013 single "Where Are We Now?", the Thin White Duke is back in town, in the form of a massively hyped exhibition at the Martin-Gropius-Bau. Over 15 pages, we meet Bowie's Berlin friends, fans, colleagues and lovers and attempt to separate the man from the myth.

ROMY HAAG The singer, performer and nightlife goddess - who was also Bowie's Berlin paramour during his stay here - shares her stories.

EXHIBITION PREVIEW Curator Victoria Broakes gives us a taste of the Bowie exhibition - plus, what's new for the Berlin edition?

WHERE WERE WE THEN? By the time Bowie left Berlin, a punk rock renaissance had begun to take root in the walled-in city. Did he have a hand in the transformation of the city's subculture?

ALWAYS CRASHING IN THE SAME BAR Our music editor meditates on the albums' impact, then and now, and asks: What does Bowie have to teach the 2014 Berliner?

BOWIE BY THE BOOK Four authors and experts on the Thin White Duke's lasting legacy

THE SOUND BEHIND THE VISION Former Hansa Studios sound engineer Eduard Meyer reminisces on his time with Bowie and Iggy

THE FANS WHO FELL TO EARTH A teen obsessive, a collector, a doppelganger and a tour guide: meet Berlin's Bowie nuts

RANT: DAVID BOWIE IS THE STEWED CABBAGE OF ROCK! One dissenting voice wonders what the big deal is

TEMPELHOF: DON'T FENCE ME IN! To build or not to build? Ahead of the May 25 referendum vote, Dan Borden looks at the future of the ex-airport.

BEST OF BERLIN 'Concept shopping' at Bikini Berlin, a museum just for stickers, a superfood on ice and a club for (s)expats

BERLIN BITES Perfect Spargel at Lebensmittel in Mitte, the latest in döner innovations and spicy treats at Chili & Paprika

Also in this issue:

DENIS VILLENEUVE The French Canadian director goes double or nothing with his doppelganger film Enemy, starring Jake Gyllenhaal... and Jake Gyllenhaal.

FRIEDRICH LIECHTENSTEIN You've seen him dancing through EDEKA shelves; now see the flaneur and 'ornamental hermit' live as part of HKW's "Stupid Music" fest. It'll be "Supergeil"!

THEATERTREFFEN The German theatre fest kicks off on May 2! Three young authors to watch, plus our picks.

SASCHA WEIDNER The globetrotting photographer shows off his series about the Japanese 'suicide forest' at Pavlog's Dog from May 1.

Plus all the latest in film, music, art, stage, events, fashion and much more!

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