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EXBERLINER Issue 128, June 2014


Inside this month's issue: Is there any hope for the single Berlin female? We enter the weird, wild world of love, dating and relationships and find a vegan searching for her meatless mate, a curator of kink, a pair of charismatic tail-chasing coaches, a Berliner who (really) loves his dog and much, much more.

LOVELESS IN BERLIN They're smart, they're sexy and they can't find a man. We unearth countlesss horror stories to get to the truth: why is this city the singles capital of Europe?

SCORING CHICKS ON ALEX Don't call them pick-up artists! We harass women outside the Dunkin' Donuts at the behest of two 'lifestyle coaches'.

THE RULES OF APP-TRACTION Can you click, swipe and “hey :)” your way to love?

MY VEGAN DATING DIARIES An ethical single goes on a 21-day meatless manhunt.

BERLINERS IN LOVE Artistic collaboration, cosy cohabitation, world travelling and weathering illness together: four couples who've gone the distance.

CROSSING THE THRESHOLD A chat with Felix Ruckert, master of bodily wonderland Schwelle7, about why BDSM is so much more than sex.

MS. WRONG FINDS MR. RIGHT How Italian prostitute and bestselling author Sonia Rossi met her match.

FORBIDDEN LOVE Meet Oliver, a Berliner fighting for his relationship... with a Siberian husky.

E-PUB POW-WOW Just in time for the Electric Book Fair on June 21, a look at spam novels, dinosaur porn and other e-literary delights.

Also in this issue:

RICHARD LINKLATER The acclaimed director unveils his ambitious 12-year project Boyhood on June 5.

ANTON NEWCOMBE The Wahlberliner behind Brian Jonestown Massacre plays a home-court gig at Postbahnhof on Sunday, June 8.

POESIEFESTIVAL From June 5-13, Berlin's all about words – many of them in English! Two of the festival's top poets tell us whether poetry is really being starved out.

PHILLIP GUSTON Aurel Scheibler on why the New York School painter matters now.

Plus all the latest in film, music, art, stage, events, fashion and much more!