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EXBERLINER Issue 129, July/August 2014


Inside this month's issue: Berlin is a hub for dance talent, but will it ever rank among the world's best? We explore a dance scene in economic trouble, showcase Berlin’s finest movers of bodies and boundaries, dance around the world without ever leaving the city and much, much more.

IS BERLIN ALL DANCED OUT? Berlin’s dance scene is hampered by a lack of funds. Will it ever break free of its budget constraints? Annika Burgess investigates.

MASTER MOVERS From the establishment to the stars of tomorrow, here are 12 choreographers you need to know.

SOPHIENSAELE We shine a light on the rich history of the radical performance venue.

DANCING WITHOUT THE NAZIS As with everything Heimat, Nazis are trying to take over German folk dancing. Meet the old nostalgics who proudly say “Volk the fascists!”

DANCE AROUND THE WORLD Get the lowdown on where to infuse your life with some exotic dance moves, from Hawaiian hula to queer tango.

BACK TO THE BARRE Overwhelmed by a longing for the days of tutus and endless pirouettes? Aoife McKeown shows you where to become a born-again bunhead.

TANZ IM AUGUST August 15-30 is time for Berlin’s annual dance festival – we talk to the Virve Sutinen, the new artistic director behind TANZ IM AUGUST, and give you our must-see picks.

Also in this issue:

A NEO-NAZI IN PARLIAMENT Udo Voigt, one of Germany’s most controversial political figures, is back – the infamous NPD personality takes a seat in the EU Parliament.

CLUB DEATH AND TRANSFIGURATION Is the recent string of club closures a sign of a dying Mitte?

COWBOYS AND INDIANER Cultural appropriation? No problem! We explore Germany’s special relationship with Native Americans and visit a Wild West theme park in Brandenburg.

FASHION WEEK The fashion folk flood the streets of Berlin on July 8-13.

Plus all the latest in film, music, art, stage, events, fashion and much more!