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EXBERLINER Issue 136, March 2015

Image of EXBERLINER Issue 136, March 2015


Where are Berlin's real heroes? Not in start-up offices or DJ booths, but on the pitch, the court or the track. If you've been turning a blind eye to sports in this city, you've been missing out. Your catch-up session begins now.

SCREW ART – GO SPORTS! Why athletes represent the real heart and soul of Berlin.

BERLIN CHAMPS A discus bad boy, a roller derby bruiser, a tireless Paralympian and eight other athletic names you need to know.

FIRE AND ICE She's beaten opponents on the speed skating track and doping charges off it – what is Claudia Pechstein still fighting against?

THE PEOPLE'S PADDLES Our reporter attempts to get to the heart of Berlin's ping pong obsession.

THE OLYMPIC DEBATE Should Berlin host the Summer 2024 games? Four voices in the controversy.

MORE THAN JUST SPORTS Turkish girls on the Kreuzberg pitch, refugees playing without borders and judo for Marzahn immigrants – when sports make a difference.

THE WOMAN CALLING THE SHOTS An interview with FIFA referee Inka Müller-Schmäh and an examination of the state of female football referees.

QUIRKY WORKOUTS Mermaiding, Quidditch, trampolining and cheerleading: four offbeat ways to get a move on.

A DAY AT THE RACES A look at the old-school harness racing track in Mariendorf.

Also in this issue:

BEST OF BERLIN Fair-trade condoms, a psyched-out new music venue, repair cafes and signs of cultural life in Marzahn.

ANDREAS DRESEN The director of Als wir träumten (in theatres now!) talks about young people's dreams and possibilities pre- and post-Wende.

ENSEMBLE ICTUS With the blockbuster concert series Liquid Room, the Brussels-based ensemble transplants contemporary music to a rock festival setting. They open up the Maerzmusik festival on Mar 20.

PANDA BEAR Noah Lennox of Animal Collective likes “smoking weed and making stuff”. Hear some of the stuff he's made at Berghain on Tue, Mar 10.

ANN VERONICA JANSSENS The artist plays with mist, colours and lights to experiment with space-time. Catch her trippy installations at Esther Schipper starting Mar 6.

Plus all the latest in film, music, art, stage, events, fashion and much more!