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EXBERLINER Issue 140, July-August 2015

Image of EXBERLINER Issue 140, July-August 2015


Summer's finally here and we've got staycation inspiration galore, from fun on the water to our new favourite neighbourhood: Köpenick!

Plus a chat with rising expat novelist Nell Zink, a post-apocalyptic short story and much, much more...

THE BAD GIRL OF BAD BELZIG Literary next-big-thing Nell Zink talks about her meteoric rise, sex as a fiftysomething and the stuffiness of Berlin's American Academy.

SUBLETTING Cash cow or nightmare? If you're thinking of renting out your flat while on holiday, you'll want to read these cautionary tales.

12 HOURS IN KÖPENICK Beaches, bridges, indie shops and Cajun food... the southeastern neighbourhood's got it all.

THE ACCIDENTAL REFUGEE What happens when a highly qualified engineer gets shuttled into the asylum system?

BATTLE OF THE BEAR Schnute, the ancient bear still living in a pit in Köllnischer Park, is caught between "friends" who think they know what's best for her. Should she live or die?

CASHING IN ON RUINS Teufelsberg, Beelitz, Spreepark, the Müggelturm... what's happening to all your favourite forsaken spaces?

ABANDONED EXCURSIONS Five derelict destinations for urban explorers.

LAKESIDE STORIES Four new reads from hometown authors (and a Berlin-related book from a lit superstar) to pick up this summer.

BERLIN GETS WET Stand-up paddling on the Spree? A houseboat? A BVG rowboat ferry? How will you take advantage of Berlin-Brandenburg's watery bounty?

SHORT FICTION SPECIAL In "The Ambit", Will Bentley follows a pair of dogcatchers in a dystopian near-future Berlin.

HONECKER'S FAVOURITE LAKE A look at the Liepnitzsee.

Also in this issue:

VERONIKA FRANZ AND SEVERIN FIALA The director duo provides a hit of summer horror wih psychological thriller Ich seh, ich seh, out July 2.

FARIN URLAUB The veteran Berliner and Arzt talks gentrification, the West Berlin glory days and more in advance of his gig with his Racing Team on Thursday, August 20.

ROSEMARY BUTCHER The British choreographer and modern dance icon comes to Tanz im August, Berlin's biggest dance festival, from August 14-30.

THE NEW BERLINISCHE GALERIE Director Thomas Köhler tells us what's changed since the May 28 reopening.

BEST OF BERLIN German camp for your brats, text-message advice, a Mauerpark history lesson and customised vintage bikes.

BERLIN BITES A burrito battle over Neta and five new vegan joints. Plus all the latest in film, music, art, stage, events, fashion and much more!