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EXB issue 200, January 2021, digital

Image of EXB issue 200, January 2021, digital


This month, we’ve decided to celebrate! Kicking off 2021 with our 200th issue feels like a good omen, and the perfect time to defy the pandemic gloom with a proud, anniversary edition. We’ve dedicated this issue to the Berliners we’ve featured over 19 years. Choosing 35 of them wasn’t easy. We’ve favoured everyday heroes over the famed and powerful ones, ‘doers and makers’, over artists, thinkers and movers and shakers.

Please meet 35 protagonists of the great Berlin narrative, those folks whose endeavours and stories each stand for one of the many facets that make this city so distinctive to us. Their faces are the faces of Berlin, as told by EXB.

SYSTEM RELEVANT – These six oh so ‘essential workers’ are the ones who truly make the city run.

GRABBING THE FUTURE BY THE BALLS – Meet the six Berliners writing the city’s next chapters.

LOBBYISTAND HOBBYISTS – For these six doers and makers no cause is too small or too weird.

THE MODEL BERLIN FAMILY – Here’s a patchwork ménage as cheery as the city itself.

BORN AGAIN BERLINERS – We hear from six converts who swapped faiths – and their lives.

BERLINER LOOKERS – It’s hard to stand out in Berlin, but these five fashionistas are taking it to the next level.

BEST OF US BERLIN – Special New Year’s resolutions

BERLIN BITES – Brikz: DIY fine dining

BOOKS – Interview with Bernhard Schlink, new releases and nightly poetry

…And much, much more!

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