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Exberliner 181 April 2019

Image of Exberliner 181 April 2019


The kids said it first: what's our plan(et) B? And what about right here in our own city? We meet the youngsters joining the global strikes for action against climate change and ask whether the city's club scene, car sharing providers and green architecture can help the the capital achieve better levels of sustainability. Also in this issue: this year's FIND festival, Gallery Weekend, four film festivals in April, interviews with theatre director Sanja Mitrović, electro bard Dagobert and so much more!

TRUANTS ON A MISSION Berlin's Fridays For Future strikes

CLIMATE POLITICS' MAGICAL REALIST An interview with environmentalist Tadzio Müller

BERLIN'S BAD BREATH What is the city doing to combat air pollution?

DANCING FOR A GREENER TOMORROW Can Berlin clubs lead the way?

CAR SHARING ON THE RISE How sustainable is these schemes?

WOODEN IT BE NICE? Plant-based buildings in Berlin

Also in this issue...

BEST OF BERLIN Sustainable tampons, dildos, toothbrushes and more

SANJA MITROVIC The Serbian-born director on her return to the Schaubühne

FIND 2019 Berlin's annual snapshot of contemporary global theatre

FILMFEST PREVIEWS What to see at four of this month's festivals

DAGOBERT A catch-up with the Berlin-based Swiss-born crooner


…And much, much more!