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EXBERLINER Issue 108, September 2012

Image of EXBERLINER Issue 108, September 2012


The Africa in Berlin issue

COLONIAL BERLIN IN 10 STOPS From Wedding’s “African Quarter” to the “Africa Stone” in Neukölln’s Columbiadamm cemetery, reminders of Germany’s short-lived colonial era are all over Berlin.

AFRICANS IN BERLIN Whether black with a German ID or white with an African passport, “200 percent” African or “not that African at all”, these eight Berliners are challenging cultural perceptions and changing the face of the city.

TALES FROM GÖRLITZER PARK Kathryn Werntz spent four weeks on the job with the Görli dealers, learning the tricks of the trade, the Mandinka language and above all heaps of life philosophy, African style – mostly from one man, a “real Rasta”, her brother Kinmu.

JUNGLE FEVER? OR JUST LONELY? Sex is in the air as Berlin’s love-starved women look to Africa to fulfil their need for romance, emotional support…and the ‘African banana’. We follow the cross-cultural hanky-panky from Kenyan beaches to a Kreuzberg club.


BERLIN BITES You’ve tried the Sudanese falafels and cocktails at the Kenyan-themed restaurant, but what about real, homemade African food in Berlin?

A FEAST OF LANGUAGES Where to go and what to read at Berlin’s Literature Festival.

MICHAEL HANEKE The Austrian director and Palme d’Or winner explains how love can mean respect for suffering in his newest film, Amour.