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EXBERLINER Issue 115, April 2013

Image of EXBERLINER Issue 115, April 2013


We revisit our 2009 topic of urban planning with a SAVE BERLIN 2013 issue!

Inside you’ll find:

DENKMAL, TSCHÜSS!: Remembering Berlin’s lost historical sites

SAVE BERLIN: With even the East Side gallery on the way out, the call to preserve history, culture and open space is more urgent than ever.

PUSSY ON PROBATION: Pussy Riot member Yekaterina Samutsevich tells what really happened in an exclusive interview and extrapolates on her plans to sue Der Spiegel.

ON THE HOME FRONT: As rents and evictions rise, can tenants beat the system?

YOUR PLACE IN THE PLATTE: The pre-fab Plattenbau is back, offering Berliners cheap housing in prime locations

SLEEPING BEAUTIES: discover what’s happened to Mitte’s old Kaufhäuser:

Also in this issue:

BROKEN CITY: Mark Wahlberg on producing and acting in the New York crime thriller.

WITH FREEDOM COMES RESPONSIBILITY: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club break out their own label.

RECLAIM THE SWASTIKA: How will a German audience respond to Back to Back theatre’s newest production, Ganesh versus the Third Reich?

Plus all the latest in film, music, art, stage, events, fashion and much more!