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EXBERLINER Issue 126, April 2014

Image of EXBERLINER Issue 126, April 2014


Inside this month's issue: All about families. Auschwitz legacies, radical pasts, indie mums and nuclear-free constellations. Plus: family businesses, alternative schools, what are all those children doing in Schillerkiez?, the branding of Alte Schönhauser Straße, and much more!

FAMILY SECRETS The grandson of Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Höß breaks four generations of silence. We also talked to the son of radical leader Rudi Dutschke and the great-grandson of GDR prime minister Otto Grotewohl about what it's like to grow up in the shadows of history.

NUCLEAR FREE The new breed of Berlin single mums, plus tri-parenting, same-sex parenting, poly parenting and more.

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL? How to keep your little angel out of the mainstream system without breaking the law.

ALL IN THE FAMILY A Späti, a funeral home, a noodle shop and the circus: four multi-generational businesses tell their stories.

RANT: STOP THE KINDER-IFICATION OF SCHILLERKIEZ! One Neuköllner wants those pesky toddlers out of her hood.

DEATH BY BRANDS Mitte's indie shopping district is losing its soul.

BEST OF BERLIN A quirky Kreuzberg chocolate shop, a born-again anarchist bar, the best bagels in Pankow and a make-your-own-sign workshop

BERLIN BITES Alt-Mex at Agüevo, spicy street food at Samakki Talad Thai, crafty café cuisine at Roamers and pop for Palestine

Also in this issue:

JOON-HO BONG The South Korean director on dystopia on a train in his new sci-fi film Snowpiercer

SCOTT STAPP The ex-Creed frontman made Jesus his rock star after years of substance abuse; now he's back with new album Proof of Life and a gig at C-Club on Sun, Apr 27.

F.I.N.D. The Festival of International New Drama returns to the Schaubühne on Apr 3 with Alex Rigola's adaptation of 2666 and Thomas Bo Nilsson's large-scale installation MEAT.

WHO IS WEIWEI? Chinese art superstar Ai Weiwei's biggest exhibition ever comes to the Martin-Gropius-Bau.

Plus all the latest in film, music, art, stage, events, fashion and much more!

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