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EXBERLINER Issue 138, May 2015

Image of EXBERLINER Issue 138, May 2015


Are we all addicts? What's your poison – booze or Botox, sex or gambling, smartphones or human blood? Read all about Berlin's addiction issues in our May addiction issue!

ANDREAS HEINZ A Charité specialist tells us what defines an addiction – and gives us the lowdown on the “magic pill” that treats alcoholism.

KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL Three chefs pull back the curtain on drinking and drug abuse in Berlin restaurants.

THE ANTI-ADDICTS Hardcore, Fritz-Kola and cupcakes: inside Berlin's straight edge scene.

LEGALISE EVERYTHING! Why stop with pot? A judge, an ex-cop and a former addict tell us why all drugs should be legal.

SMART AT THE BARBECUE When experiments in smartphone addiction go awry.

INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPYRE A bloodsucking Berlinerin on her awakening and transformation, and why that Y is intentional.

THE 13-YEAR BLUR A globetrotting expat's descent into the prescription drug abyss – and resurrection in Berlin.

THE TALK OF SHAME It might be en vogue to claim sex addiction these days, but finding a sex addict willing to speak out is harder than you might think.

THE MEN IN THE MIRROR A tattooed man and a Botox fan explain how addictive it can be to change your skin.

IS BERLIN BURNING OUT? Freelancers and start-up entrepreneurs are increasingly becoming glued to their desks – but when does workaholism go from a badge of pride to a real problem?

SPINNING OUT OF CONTROL A look behind the blacked-out windows of Berlin's Spielhallen turns into a borderline gambling addiction.

Also in this issue:

NEW COLUMN AND COMIC! MI5 spy turned whistleblower turned Berlin author and activist Annie Machon makes her Exberliner debut, as does Joseph Nowak's strip Bjørn in Berlin.

MARK REEDER The accidental protagonist of B-Movie: Lust and Sound in West Berlin 1979-1989 on his arrival on the Berlin music scene and rabble-rousing in the former East.

THEATERTREFFEN We interview two of this year's most talked-about invitees and tell you what not to miss at the annual German-language theatre fest.

YASMINE HAMDAN The Lebanese singer who stole the show at the end of No Lovers Left Alive hits the stage at Lido on Tuesday, May 19.

PETER GREENAWAY AND SASKIA BODDEKE The British film director and Dutch multimedia artist recreate the sacrifice of Isaac in Obedience, a massive new installation at the Jewish Museum.

BEST OF BERLIN Wednesday open mics, a Danish cafe, refugee-built furniture and an East Berlin book

BERLIN BITES Gastropub Salt 'n' Bone, fish restaurant Kala, ayurvedic deli Dabbawalla and online delivery wars

Plus all the latest in film, music, art, stage, events, fashion and much more!