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EXBERLINER Issue 139, June 2015

Image of EXBERLINER Issue 139, June 2015


At long last... Wedding! In our June issue, we explore the neighbourhood where the wild, weird and wonderful Berlin we love still exists. Plus our ultimate bike guide, interviews with Nena and novelist Tod Wodicka, and much more!

WELCOME TO WEDDING Sprawling cultural spaces, unique shops, quirky characters and cheap drinks: the best of what the neighbourhood has to offer.

SAVING WIESENBURG A bombed-out homeless shelter turned bohemian wonderland faces an uncertain future.

764 YEARS FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE Knights and nuns, communists and Nazis, a spa and the French: a trip through Wedding's checkered past.

ROARING SKIES Tegel's still open – great news, right? Not for the Wedding residents who suffer from daily jet noise hell.

TOWER IN THE KIEZ Why is there an Eiffel Tower in Wedding?

CYCLING IN BERLIN Tips, apps, laws and lessons: your handy guide to a summer on two wheels.

NENA LOOKS BACK The “99 Luftballons” star talks about 1980s Berlin, getting big in America and her new album Oldschool.

TOD WODICKA The Berlin-based American writer launches second novel The Household Spirit with us at Urban Spree on June 29.

Also in this issue:

SEBASTIAN SCHIPPER Raved about at the Berlinale, the director's bravura third feature – a Berlin club night gone awry in one 134-minute take – hits cinemas on June 11.

TIEFSCHWARZ The Stuttgart DJ brothers turned Berlin club heroes hit Watergate with the porn-tastic Khan on Friday, June 12.

FORCED ENTERTAINMENT Ever wanted to see Macbeth played by a bottle of linseed oil? You'll have your chance at the Foreign Affairs festival (June 25-July 5), when the British theatre group presents Shakespeare's complete works performed with household objects on a tabletop.

APE CULTURE A new exhibition at HKW explores humanity's relationship with our fellow primates, featuring Coco Fusco's Planet of the Apes-inspired work “Observations of Predation in Humans: A Lecture by Dr. Zira, Animal Psychologist”.

BEST OF BERLIN The new pool at R.A.W., a mescal-mobile, a ladies' reading night and a lumbersexual paradise.

BERLIN BITES Industry Standard (is it worth the hype?), spluffins, fruit tea and what to eat in Wedding

Plus all the latest in film, music, art, stage, events, fashion and much more!