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Exberliner Issue 175 October 2018

Image of Exberliner Issue 175 October 2018


Brain matters – who would disagree? This month, we examine the Berliner brain: how it's affected by party drugs, how to take care of your mental health (psychotherapy in English anyone?) and how composers and medical researchers are translating brainwaves into music - and back! Speaking of brains and intelligence: Is AI going to outsmart us any time soon? If, with all that food for thought, you need an actual meal, our food writer tells you where to get sautéed Hirn and boiled cervelle!

Also in this issue: An overview of this month's festivals in film (DukuArts, One World Berlin Pornfilmfestival), stage (War or Peace – Crossroads of History), art (The European Month of Photography Berlin) and music (3hd), interviews with Konstantin Gropper aka Get Well Soon and Sebastian Koch, the star of new German blockbuster-to-be Never Look Away and much more!

VERBATIM: PUTTING SLEEP MYTHS TO BED – An interview with Charité's Prof. Dr. Heidi Danker-Hopfe

HOW SMART IS BERLIN'S ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE? Three successful developers explain what AI is used for in the German capital

GETTING THERAPY IN ENGLISH – Why it's so hard and what are the alternatives?

DRUGS ON THE BRAIN – Will your grey matter survive your party life?

FROM BRAINWAVES TO SOUNDWAVES – How scientists and composers explore the musical brain

Also in this issue...

WAR OR PEACE – CROSSROADS OF HISTORY FESTIVAL – This month, the Berlin stage is all about commemorating 20th century violence

GET WELL SOON – Ahead of his Volksbühne gigs, Konstantin Gropper talks about his dark new indie album

SEBASTIAN KOCH – The actor on his role in Never Look Away, Germany's latest hope for Oscar glory

EUROPEAN MONTH OF PHOTOGRAPHY – What to expect from the upcoming photo stream, plus our exhibition picks

POST-CHEMNITZ – Konrad Werner explains why the Maaßen circus is another win for the AfD

SAVE BERLIN – An U-Bahn ride to Berlin's architectural landmark stations

BERLIN BITES – Brain three ways and juicy West-side cleansers

…And much, much more!

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